Islander - Weaver - Writer - Artist

Home for me is Shetland, an archipelago 120 miles north of the most northern point of mainland Scotland.

My desire to make is ultimately about carrying through a sensation, vibration or essence of a place or object, into an artwork, piece of writing or handwoven fabric - to communicate the intangibility of personal experience.

Writing is one of the main ways I begin in developing new work and often my sketchbooks are filled with scribbled words and descriptions capturing a specific feeling triggered by landscape, building, texture or colour. In my blog, I’ve written most often about places in Shetland, aiming to give a personal account of what an area evokes or means for me.

Currently, I’m based in Edinburgh as I’m studying a masters at Edinburgh College of Art. It’s a bit of an adventure and will, I’m sure, result in significant developments in my work.

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If you would like to commission a piece or are interested in collaboration then please feel free to get in touch.