so my first blog post... not sure about all this social media stuff yet, but here goes!

I've been working on starting a website in preparation for the release of Country Homes & Interiors magazine November issue (out now!) as I am part of the feature on their Country Business Awards seeing as I was one of the winners (woohoo!). It was amazing and unexpected to win in the Emerging Talent using British Wool category as I graduated in June and I'm really right at the beginning of building a business.

Unfortunately I won't be attending their Seasonal Celebration in London tomorrow due to having so recently been a poor student - the cost of getting from Shetland to London for a day is considerable! Also, we are in the middle of Shetland Wool Week here and working for Jamieson & Smith (Shetland Woolbrokers) I'm sure you can imagine this is probably our busiest time of year! So seeing as I couldn't attend in person and meet the other winners which I really would have loved, I sent down a few bits and pieces to represent Home is an Island.