A Springtime Sunday in Shetland

The sun is pouring in the window, the sky is blue... the wind is like ice and it snowed yesterday...

Spending the morning in my south-east facing studio working on yarn wraps - boat noosts, nests, hollows in grass - starting points evolving into proportions of colour and line.

It was lovely sitting with the warmth of the sun coming in the window and planning a sample warp now that the loom is ready to use!

I like Sundays for this quiet time, it feels different to the other days of the week and it's usually the day our family get together for walks or, at this time of year, for Sunday Teas! I've heard that other places on the mainland don't have these, is that true?! If so, poor you!

So today we decided to go to one in Levenwick, down the South end of Shetland. Levenwick is a very pretty area but not one I really know. When we got out there it had clouded over a bit but here's a photo looking down from the main road (excuse the power-lines, it was freezing so didn't stay long outside the car to get a better shot).

A little bit about Sunday Teas, they are held usually from spring until the end of summer in community halls across Shetland. They're organised by local groups to raise money for an event or charity. You pay at the door, typically around £3, then you can help yourself to a selection of homemade goodies and receive constantly-topped-up cups of tea or coffee.

I'd never been in the Levenwick hall so was pleasantly surprised, it was really pretty inside! Instead of a set charge on the door it was donations which were going to Cancer Research Relay for Life which is always a very well supported event in Shetland. We got there early (a good tip for any Sunday Tea novices) so had the choice of lots of amazing yumminess! As a family we've collectively been to a fair number of Teas so know a good one when we see it - we were all pretty impressed!

Levenwick hall also has a campsite with laundry, kitchen and shower facilities, plug-in points for caravans and a garden area at the front which will be lovely when the weather warms up. Although, my nieces didn't seem to mind the icy wind!

I'm sure I'll have plenty more Sunday Tea posts over the summer so look out for those!

Back to the studio and I found the first order had come through on my online shop, which was pretty exciting! I'll definitely need to get weaving, so looking forward to using my new loom!

speak soon x