Springtime & New Adventures

It's been an eventful springtime, in lovely ways...

Last sunset in Voe

Last sunset in Voe

The big change has been my move from Voe, which was always just a winter stop, to the small island of Bressay! The final decision was a bit last minute but very happy that I now get to call Leiraness my home for as long as I please.

I also get to commute the short journey between Bressay and Lerwick by ferry as well as have my own garden, which I'm super excited about! Smallholding might be a bit out of my reach for now but I can always dream...

I took a little trip into Fair Isle to catch up with friends and take a break from work. The walks, dramatic scenery and equally dramatic weather helped give me a bit of a wake up and renewed energy which was much needed. 

Fun days spent with family too - beach days, exploring and tadpole rescues with nieces and nephews!

Claire beach day

I'm looking forward to exploring Bressay as I don't know the island very well, apart from Noss which is at the South East side and is a nature reserve managed by Scottish Natural Heritage. I've been over a couple of times although not for a while so it was great to get across last weekend even though the weather wasn't the best. It's a great day trip, the 2 minute boat run across to the island from Bressay is fun and if you like walking you'll have a good hike up to Da Noup which is the highest point and where the impressive Solan (gannet) colony is. 

One last bit before I finish up. I've got my loom set up at home with a beautiful view out over the garden (the photo below was very misty ha ha but still nice!) and to the sea which I love! Right now I'm trying out some smaller pieces using odd hanks of hand-dyed yarns from Fluph, home of Rusty Ferret yarns, and The Knitting Goddess.

I also have plans for some new Shetland wool designs based on my summer trips last year, particularly around Eshaness, so look out for these in late summer as well as more availability of the Leabakka and Low Light collections. From this Saturday (10th June) my remaining stock of cushions will be on offer as I'll be doing a refresh of my website and online shop from 1st July (I'll put out a quick post here and on social media when this is underway).

Happy Summer everyone!